If there is a problem, then there is a solution. If there’s no solution, then it’s not a problem.

– Mandeep Singh Cheema

About Us

Mandeep Singh Cheema Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization aiming to support youth coming from difficult situations, to help improve their lives, by supporting them in positive social activities and higher education.


On Sept 16, 2012 at Forks of Credit, Mandeep Singh Cheema lost his life in a motorcycle accident, an event that changed the lives of those who loved him forever. This organization began in a time of great sorrow, his family was going through a very tough time in their lives, having recently lost a loved one and they had a choice to make on how to remember his life. Those who knew Mandeep, can attest to the passion he had for life and the people in his life. After facing such a tragedy, his family decided to celebrate Mandeep’s life in a positive way, by giving back to the community he loved so much.

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The goal of this organization is to raise awareness within our community about all the youth who need assistance.

We have been donating portion of our raised money to Humanity First and Seva Food because people who really need food come here. We thought this would support the families in need who are facing some kind of crisis and which could be due to loosing a family member.

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Every year, we host a motorcycle ride for charity and a classic car and bike show. There is an impecabbly planned motorcycle ride for 2 hours. The plan is to have opening ceremonies, including a bike safety session and sending the bikers off for their ride.
We also have many activities for kids which include

  • Our first ever talent show
  • A Great selection of vendors
  • Kid’s corner
  • Car Show
  • And so much more

All bike ride and car show particapants get to enter in a draw where they can win attractive prizes sponsored by our sponsors. All registered are welcomed to join us for lunch.

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Money Donated


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MSCCF is fortunate to have such a supportive & hardworking team! Our team extends beyond the few named below. Sponsors, volunteers and the community all come together to help us out as MSCCF carry out our mission statement.

Navdeep & Prabhsarup
Navdeep & Prabhsarup
When Mandeep left us in 2012 we were devastated, we were shattered and didn’t know how to deal with this unbearable pain. Even after he left us, we always felt him around us and his presence in our hearts always gave us courage . We have millions of good memories to cherish...
Anita & Paul
Anita & Paul
Mandeep Singh Cheema (Raja) was my uncle whom I was very close to and his passing was the first time I had ever experienced loss. After he passed I didn’t understand how to deal with my grief, all I wanted to do was be helpful and feel useful to my family to help them feel better.
Tej & Tracey
Tej & Tracey
In September of 2012 I lost my little brother Mandeep Cheema in a motorcycle accident. This loss to our family was very difficult, both myself and Raja were very close growing up, we were always riding scooters and bikes, it was our passion.
At the age of 16 I experienced the most heartbreaking incident; I lost my Raja Mamu. He was a second father, mentor and best friend all in one.I live my life asking myself, “What would Raja Mamu do?” and as cliché as it may sound everything becomes clear and I’m ready to face the challenges ahead.



we would like to thank media partners and sponsors who have always supported Mandeep Singh Cheema charitable foundation whole heartily.

  • YTV
  • Ajit
  • Hamdard
  • PTC Punjabi
  • Jagdish Grewal
  • Parvasi
  • Sargam Radio
  • KSR
  • GPS Decor
  • Rutherford Collision
  • Mavericks (trucking company)
  • Sonny Toor
  • Gurpreet Toor
  • Amritpaul Toor
  • Teletime
  • Armour Insurance
  • Royal Star
  • Sofa by Fancy
  • A&F truck repair
  • King Towing
  • Sunpac Body Shop
  • Pawanjit Monty Mahli
  • Harkiran Singh
  • LA Unique Laser
  • IFS
  • Joe Mazzone